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BYB Podcast 67 : The Astros won’t stop losing the offseason and other scandals

The Bless You Boys staff talks baseball from a Tigers perspective

New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Sorry. The Tigers have been quiet, and these damned Astros won’t stop putting their whole foot in their own mouth. This whole offseason has felt like a steady dose of black eyes to MLB, and baseball you can get here any time now, thank you very much.

Hosts Brandon Day and Ashley MacLennan will talk a little about that creeping pitchers and catchers reporting vibe we’re starting to catch as the Tigers Winter Caravan breezed through our social media feeds and then disappeared without a trace as there was no Tigerfest to center these quite random events on.

We’ll look at the incredibly tone deaf responses Astros players have offered in their first questioning over the Trash Can Conspiracy, Bang-gate, Bang-hazi, or whatever you prefer to call the cheating scandal. And most painfully, our long-time hero Justin Verlander proves again to be a hypocrite of the highest order, and should probably stop talking and start showing some leadership as the face of the Astros organization.

Nicholas “Nick” Castellanos is headed to Cincinatti on a deal packed full of deferred money and opt-outs. Wish we knew how to do those things here in Detroit. However, Castellanos is good for the Reds, but might not move the needle enough for the Reds to thread it in their brief window for contention in a closely packed NL Central.

Finally we’ll chat a bit about FanGraphs new top 38 Tigers prospects list, and one very interesting decision they made at the top of said list.

Thanks for tuning in, and please keep a lookout on Friday when we’ll have a lengthy prospects conversation with BYB prospect writer Jay Markle. And as always, please check out our friends at the Tigers Minor League Report for further coverage of the Tigers farm as well.

Intro: “Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House” by Yo La Tengo