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BYB Podcast #68: Detroit Tigers farm and future with Jay Markle

The Bless You Boys staff talks baseball from a Detroit Tigers’ perspective.

2012, as told by Detroit Tigers photos

We’re back with a special edition on the state of the Detroit Tigers farm system. Joined by BYB prospect analyst Jay Markle, we’ll run through a host of prospect topics in this one. Also, I need to apologize in advance for a little racket at times caused by a grouchy graphics card. The sound quality has improved a lot since we started the podcast up again, but we’re still working with a time and resource crunch. Thanks for your understanding.

First, we take a look at FanGraphs recent top 39 list for the Tigers system and discuss what surprised us and stood out in their evaluations. We’ll also look at some of the published data they have available and some hints that the Tigers are making some progress in using data to improve their pitchers.

We’ll take turns offering up players we’re higher or lower on than FanGraphs or the rest of our staff seem to be.

Several players are in a position where at least a modest breakout is required this season. We’ll discuss who really needs a good year to stay on track in the system, and which of the 2019 draft class will move fastest.

Finally we’ll talk a bit about the state of the organization, the future and how to get there successfully, and positive and negative signs from the Tigers’ front office.

This will be Jay’s last podcast with us before taking on his new role over at Motor City Bengals, and we’d like to thank him for all his hard work over the past four years. We’ll also miss him personally, but the baseball writing community remains tight knit and ever changing, so perhaps this isn’t Jay’s last rodeo with us here at BYB. Check out his work over at MCB coming in February, and as always we’d also like to recommend our friends over at Tigers Minor League Report for more excellent prospect coverage.