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MLB Postseason: Get ready to watch the World Series

The best of the best are on their way to the Fall Classic.

League Championship - Atlanta Braves v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Seven Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The best of the best in baseball have been whittled down and the last two teams to compete for the Commissioner’s Trophy have been decided. On Tuesday night in Arlington, the Los Angeles Dodgers will take on the Tampa Bay Rays, and it promises to be some seriously riveting television of the LCS marathons are any indication.

Some will try to call it a battle of the always-spends vs. the no-spends as the Dodgers routinely empty their wallets for mega-stars (Mookie Betts has proven to be worth the contract so far) while the Rays find under-valued players and turn them into future trade pieces (Randy Arozarena is now a name every postseason viewer is aware of.)

What this contest really is, though, is the two best teams in baseball getting to see which one is the best of them all. It can often be a rare thing that the two teams who make it the World Series are the teams with the best season records, but in this case that’s exactly what we’re getting. The winningest team in each league took on all foes, and are the ones to battle it out at the end of the day.

If you’re looking forward to seeing who comes out on top, here’s the World Series schedule (with the return of off days!). All times are Eastern. The games will be played at Globe Life Park in Arlington, TX with limited in-person attendance for fans.

Tuesday, Oct. 20
• World Series Game 1: TB vs. LAD, 8 p.m. Where? FOX

Wednesday, Oct. 21
• World Series Game 2: TB vs. LAD, 8 p.m. Where? FOX

Thursday, Oct. 22

Friday, Oct. 23
• World Series Game 3: LAD vs. TB, 8 p.m. Where? FOX

Saturday, Oct. 24
• World Series Game 4: LAD vs. TB, 8 p.m. Where? FOX

Sunday, Oct. 25
• World Series Game 5*: LAD vs. TB, 8 p.m. Where? FOX
*if needed

Monday, Oct. 26

Tuesday, Oct. 27
• World Series Game 6*: TB vs. LAD, 8 p.m. Where? FOX
*if needed

Wednesday, Oct. 28
• World Series, Game 7*: TB vs. LAD, 8 p.m. Where? FOX
*if needed