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Thanksgiving Open Thread: What made you grateful for the Tigers this year?

It wasn’t a GREAT season, but it wasn’t terrible, either.

MLB: SEP 26 Tigers at Royals Photo by Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Happy Thanksgiving, Bless You Boys readers! (Or as we here in Canada like to call it: Thursday.)

While the majority of our staff are at home getting their stretchiest pants on in preparation of turkey and other good things, we wanted to take a moment to be grateful for a few things, and give you guys an opportunity to share what you’re grateful for as well.

We’re grateful for our incredible crew of hard-working writers, who managed to put together interesting content in a very unusual year. We’re grateful to you, our readers, for coming back day after day to read those words and take the time to either agree with them or REALLY disagree. Without you this community wouldn’t work and we want to know how much we love having you all here.

We’re grateful for the Tigers, who had a very uneven but still pretty fun shortened season, and somehow came almost within reach of going to the postseason, and we’re ESPECIALLY grateful for the glimpses of really promising talent we witnessed this year that made us genuinely excited for the future.

Now, we invite you guys to share what made you grateful to be a Tigers fan this year (or just general gratitude) and wish every single one of you a safe and happy Thanksgiving, no matter how different or unusual it might look this year.

Happy Thanksgiving, Bless You Boys family.