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Tigers players recreate classic scene from The Office

They should probably not quit their day jobs.

The Office - Season 9 Photo by: Byron Cohen/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Let’s be honest right off the hop here: baseball players rarely make good actors. Justin Verlander’s comic performances in video game commercials notwithstanding, it’s probably a good idea most players don’t try to make a career out of acting. (I will also allow for C.J. Wilson’s guest spot on The Mindy Project during which he hurled dinner rolls at Mindy Kaling as being a rare great example).

This Thanksgiving, to celebrate $39 three-game ticket packs, the Tigers asked a few players to recreate the Yankee Swap scene from The Office as a way to demonstrate that the tickets are a gift anyone would want to steal. Before we break down our assessment of the clip as a whole, why don’t you give it a watch so you can really appreciate it in all its... glory? Uniqueness?

Anyway, it’s certainly something you need to see in order to fully believe, that’s for sure.

Here’s what we can say for certain after watching this new holiday classic:

  • Daniel Norris is trying very hard, and his beard is in fine shape
  • Buck Farmer’s beard also looks great
  • Tarik Skubal manages some decent comic timing halfway through this
  • Tyler Alexander, on the whole, is the best part of this
  • Derek Hill is charming and clearly having a great time filming
  • Did we mention Tyler Alexander’s mustache?

While it might not be the best thing we’ve ever seen, and the term “trainwreck” might even periodically apply, by the end I have to admit I was smiling, so that’s definitely a plus.