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BYB Podcast 93: Talking Tigers with Jeff Riger

The staff of Bless You Boys talks baseball from a Tigers perspective.

Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

There is no more recognizable voice in Detroit Sports media than that of Jeff Riger. As a reporter and broadcaster, he’s made a name for himself by his willingness to ask the questions fans want asked, and at times irritate the powerful. Joined by Mark Gorosh from the Don’t Call it a Rebuild, it’s a Team Build podcast, we had a fun chat about the Tigers past, present, and future, got some good Jim Leyland stories, and talked the state of talk radio in the social media era.

Recorded the night of November 5th, the night before Chris Fetter and the rest of A.J. Hinch’s coaching staff came together, we kept to a general overview of Jeff’s nearly two decades covering the team. The first hour is devoted to the state of the Tigers and some of Jeff’s experiences covering the team. Starting at about the hour mark we get into Jim Leyland stories. Three way calling via Skype remains a bit of a crapshoot, and the sound is not ideal. My apologies. We have some investments coming up that should make for a more consistent product going forward.