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Tigers will receive a first round comp pick in 2021, per report

The Tigers appear to have three of the top 38 selections in 2021.

2020 Major League Baseball Draft Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Per a report by Baseball America, Major League Baseball has determined the complete order for the 2021 edition of the amateur draft, and the Detroit Tigers are sitting pretty. They will have three of the first 38 selections after confirmation that they will receive a pick in the first supplemental round this time. With a farm system simmering with plenty of talent and strong grades for their work in the truncated 2020 draft, the club is primed to continue reloading the pipeline as their top prospects continue their first forays into major league action.

As Baseball America has reported, 2020’s 60-game season left things up in the air as far as the 2021 draft order was concerned. MLB ultimately had the power to make any changes to the structure they wanted. There was no way to know whether Commissioner Rob Manfred would set the order based on some combination of 2019 and 2020 win-loss records, institute some kind a snake draft for the heck of it, or simply go with the usual format and consider the 2020 season as a normal campaign. The latter option has now been confirmed.

As a result, the Tigers will have the third overall pick in the first round for finishing with the third worst record in baseball this season. With the Houston Astros stripped of their first two picks, the first round will consist of just 29 teams. So, the Tigers will then pick 31st overall with the second selection in the first supplemental round, followed by the 38th overall pick with the third selection in the second round. Their third round pick with then be the 75th overall selection in the draft.

What we don’t know yet, is how many total rounds will be involved. Until that information is released and slot values confirmed, the total bonus pool money available to the Tigers is unknown. Speculation has been that the draft would consist of 20 rounds in 2021, but there is no official word on that as of this writing.

Here’s a complete list of the draft order through the first two rounds.

First round

  1. Pittsburgh Pirates
  2. Texas Rangers
  3. Detroit Tigers
  4. Boston Red Sox
  5. Baltimore Orioles
  6. Arizona Diamondbacks
  7. Kansas City Royals
  8. Colorado Rockies
  9. Los Angeles Angels
  10. New York Mets
  11. Washington Nationals
  12. Seattle Mariners
  13. Philadelphia Phillies
  14. San Francisco Giants
  15. Milwaukee Brewers
  16. Miami Marlins
  17. Cincinnati Reds
  18. St. Louis Cardinals
  19. Toronto Blue Jays
  20. New York Yankees
  21. Chicago Cubs
  22. Chicago White Sox
  23. Cleveland Indians
  24. Atlanta Braves
  25. Oakland Athletics
  26. Minnesota Twins
  27. San Diego Padres
  28. Tampa Bay Rays
  29. Los Angeles Dodgers

First supplemental round

30. Marlins

31. Tigers

32. Brewers

33. Rays

34. Reds

35. Twins

Second round

36. Pittsburgh Pirates

37. Texas Rangers

38. Detroit Tigers

39. Boston Red Sox

40. Baltimore Orioles

41. Arizona Diamondbacks

42. Kansas City Royals

43. Colorado Rockies

44. Los Angeles Angels

45. New York Mets

46. Washington Nationals

47. Seattle Mariners

48. Philadelphia Phillies

49. San Francisco Giants

50. Milwaukee Brewers

51. Miami Marlins

52. Cincinnati Reds

53. St. Louis Cardinals

54. Toronto Blue Jays

55. New York Yankees

56. Chicago Cubs

57. Chicago White Sox

58. Cleveland Indians

59. Atlanta Braves

60. Oakland Athletics

61. Minnesota Twins

62. San Diego Padres

63. Tampa Bay Rays

64. Los Angeles Dodgers

Second supplemental round

65. Pirates

66. Orioles

67. Royals

68. D-backs

69. Rockies

70. Indians

71. Cardinals

72. Padres