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The Tigers rally toad inspires great name debate online

RBI now stands for “Ribbit”

Toad fences save amphibians from road traffic Photo by Jens Büttner/picture alliance via Getty Images

With Leap Day coming on Saturday, it seems only right we bring you some toad-themed content, and the Detroit Tigers did not fail to provide. During Thursday’s spring training activities, a little green friend appeared in the Tigers’ dugout, and the team’s social media took to Twitter in order to name their hopping buddy.

The results were much better than could have been anticipated.

Soon other major league teams were getting in on the naming action. The Indians went with a pretty normal choice.

The Marlins wanted to keep the homegrown talent.

Cut4 went more basic than anyone, but are not good at distinguishing amphibians.

The Blue Jays love puns, and 90’s cartoons.

Tony made my sub-header joke before I could.

Zac Snyder (no, not the one who directed Superman) took an obvious approach.

Everyone’s favorite gif-able Star Wars character got a mention.

Tigers manager Ron Gardenhire inspired another suggestion.

And ultimately, the best of the bunch.

Is the toad the team’s newest rally animal? Hard to say, but we doubt he’ll hop North in March.