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Detroit Tigers Truck Day has arrived

Spring is just around the corner!

Detroit Tigers Spring Truck Loading Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

For many people — at least those who love baseball above all other sports — the conclusion of the Super Bowl can mean only one thing: baseball season has arrived.

In the case of the Detroit Tigers, they took this change in sporting seasons very seriously, and the Monday following the big game was their annual Truck Day. For those who aren’t aware of this, the best moment in all of winter, Truck Day is a sure sign that baseball is right around the corner. It is the day where the Tigers clubhouse and equipment managers, with some help from a certain beloved mascot, load up a semi truck with all the bats, balls, uniforms, and other accoutrement needed to take the team successfully through spring training.

Basically, it’s loading up your car the night before an epic road trip, and it’s one of my favorite times before pitchers and catchers report, because it’s a sure sign winter is (eventually) going to end.

They have their horses in the back. Let’s go to Lakeland!