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Best-loved Tigers of all-time: a March Sadness bracket

It might be a while before we see baseball this season, so let’s relive the good old days.

St Louis Cardinals v Detroit Tigers Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

We miss baseball.

As much as we would remind folks that spring training games didn’t matter, or that the early season of small sample sizes was “too soon” to worry or get excited, now that we are living in a baseball-free world, it is very clear how valuable those spring training games were.

With no firm date on when baseball will be back, and rumors placing it anywhere from May to July, we still want to keep everyone involved and excited about baseball. So we are striving to bring you fun and interactive content to help pass the extended offseason.

And since everyone loves brackets in March, we thought we’d stick with that theme and do a “Best-loved Tiger of All-Time” bracket.

How is it going to work?

In the comments below, we want you to nominate one player to be the best-loved of all time. If someone else has picked your player, simply “rec” their comment, no need to nominate the same player. The top 16 nominated players will be placed into the bracket. We will then write up biographies on each pair of players, spotlighting their time with the team, and you will get the opportunity to vote.

At the end of it all, we will crown a “Best-loved Tiger” winner.

Any player from any generation is welcome. Ty Cobb might take on Justin Verlander. Al Kaline could spar with Miguel Cabrera. It’s totally up to you. And remember, this is about best-loved, not necessarily BEST. You can nominate anyone you like, so Don Kelly definitely has a chance to sweep the whole thing.

Initial votes will be collected until this Sunday, and then the showdown will begin.