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How should we cover the 2020 season?

Or, more accurately: what should we do while there is no baseball?

MLB: Spring Training-Atlanta Braves at Detroit Tigers Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

By now, you have certainly heard that Major League Baseball will be shut down for the next two months, if not longer. While this is certainly the correct decision to protect everyone involved in baseball from COVID-19, it is going to leave us, the staff of a baseball blog that thrives on the daily monotony of the regular season, with a lot more free time than usual.

Let’s just get right to the point; what do you want to see from us while we wait for baseball to return? We polled our Twitter followers on the prospect of some sort of regular season simulation on Monday, but want to give those who only follow us on the site a chance to chime in as well.

(There is a second poll for those interested in a simulation; make sure to answer that one as well.)

A simulation will eat up most of our time, but we would like your input on how deep we should go. Game previews might be a bit of a stretch for a video game simulation, but game threads and recaps will likely return. We are also working on how to make the games viewable for our audience — unfortunately, that will largely depend on how technologically savvy we are.

We have some other ideas in mind as well. Some potential article topics include:

  • March Madness-style brackets (with audience polls)
  • Best Tigers teams/players of all-time
  • Additional season preview content (opposing teams, roster deep dives)
  • FanPost Fridays
  • Other random articles, like this one from our friends at DRaysBay
  • Just, like, a s***-ton of MLB draft coverage

Beyond that, we’re all ears for ideas. Do you have any specific ideas for what we should do in 2020? What do you want to read while we wait for baseball to return?