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Tigers pledge $1 million to support gameday staff

In addition, they have made plans to assist their minor league players.

ALCS - Boston Red Sox v Detroit Tigers - Game Five Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

On Tuesday it was announced that all 30 MLB teams would be contributing at least $1 million each to a fund in support of out-of-work gameday staff. The fund would ensure that park employees who will be missing out on planned paid work hours because of the baseball suspension will still get paid.

CEO Christopher Ilitch said in a statement on Wednesday, “We are pleased that all of the MLB teams have unanimously come together to commit $1 million per team to support their staffs, and the Detroit Tigers are proud to join with all 30 teams and commit an additional $1 million to provide assistance to our part-time hourly event staff at Comerica Park.”

This means beyond the $1 million each that all teams are jointly putting up, the Ilitch company will add an additional $1 million to the pool for Comerica Park employees.

This announcement comes in addition to the news from last week that Ilitch Holdings would be setting aside $1 million to help pay employees of Little Caesars Arena and Fox Theatre, as well as the spring training staff at Joker Marchant Stadium in Lakeland.

Beyond this, Ilitch announced that the Tigers would be offering some support to their minor league players as well.

“In keeping in line with our goal of supporting those hardest hit by cancellations and postponements, the Detroit Tigers will be paying our minor league players who were in spring training camp the remainder of their spring training allowances.”

For minor league players — most of whom have not been paid since August 2019 — this commitment will offer at least a little help in uncertain times.

In a time of turmoil and financial uncertainty, every bit these teams do to support their most vulnerable staff goes a long way.