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Watch Jake Rogers hit a monster home run vs. Red Sox

Rogers hit a huge two-run shot against Boston on Monday.

Well, it looks like that back is feeing much better. Catcher Jake Rogers, who missed the first week of game action in spring training due to lower back soreness, hit a monster home run against the Boston Red Sox on Monday afternoon at Joker Marchant Stadium. The Tigers are currently trailing 11-5 in the ninth inning, but Rogers’ home run brought them within two runs (7-5) at the time.

Rogers’ home run cleared the left field wall with ease; Red Sox left fielder Jantzen Witte, a 30-year-old who put up decent numbers in Triple-A last year, gave up on the ball early as Rogers and Bonifacio began their slow jog home.

As for Rogers’ injury, it shouldn’t be something to worry about. Lower back soreness is a very common complaint early on for catchers who are just getting used to holding their position again during spring training.

Now let’s see if Rogers can treat us to a few more bombs like that this spring.