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Build your own classic Detroit Tigers outfield

You’ve already selected your infield in our previous post, now here’s your chance to fill in your outfield.

Minnesota Twins v Detroit Tigers Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Last Saturday, I published a post outlying a fun draft game in which fans can build their own classic Tigers infield using a fixed allotment of money to buy various players with assigned values. Tigers Twitter released its second part on Monday which allows you to now put together your ideal outfield.

This time, the player pool size is much smaller as there are only three positions that need to be filled. Instead of $16 to buy the infield you are given $9 to choose openly among 15 different choices. The following table has the values listed.

Tigers outfielder values

Pos $5 $4 $3 $2 $1
Pos $5 $4 $3 $2 $1
OF Ty Cobb Willie Horton Bobby Veach Bobby Higginson Charlie Maxwell
OF Al Kaline Sam Crawford Chet Lemon Curtis Granderson Rocky Colavito
OF Harry Heilmann Kirk Gibson Jim Northrup Magglio Ordóñez Mickey Stanley

Given the simplicity of this list, there are no obvious technicalities or cheats so it should not be difficult to quickly assemble your men on the grass. I selected Ty Cobb ($5), Curtis Granderson ($2) and Magglio Ordóñez ($2) to maximize the value I can get from a $9 allotment. If you combine my selections from the previous post in which I ditched the DH to select Mickey Tettleton ($1) at catcher, Hank Greenberg ($5) at first base, Lou Whitaker ($4) at second base, Brandon Inge ($1) at third base and Alan Trammell ($5) at shortstop out of a $16 stipend, that gives me a pretty darned good team — though leaves me vulnerable in the ninth spot of the batting order.

My colleague Brady originally went with the same outfield as I, while Patrick chose Cobb, Al Kaline, and “a fan from the front row” (which still puts him over $1, but we will just roll with it) and Cameron selected Granderson, Ordóñez and Bobby Higginson. It appears there is still plenty of room for creativity with this game.

So who do you select with your fist full of dollars? Let us know in the comments below, and if you selected an infield on the previous post be sure to include your entire position-player roster so far!