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BYB Podcast 71: Tarik Skubal’s fastball is your owner now

The BYB staff discusses baseball news from a Tigers’ perspective.

Southeastern v Detroit Tigers Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

I’m told that it’s still too early in spring camp to say anything, so what follows is an hour of silence. And yes of course, the numbers don’t matter, although some of them are hilarious, but what’s happening on the field and on the backfields as well, does matter. With all that in mind, Brandon Day and Ashley MacLennan will take a look at some early returns. We’ll also check in on how several roster battles are shaping up in the early going.

The prospects are making their presence felt in Lakeland, and that’s been more fun than anything else. We’ll check in on Riley Greene, Casey Mize, Matt Manning, Tarik Skubal and the rest, and what they’re working on this spring.

Matt Boyd continues to develop and has a big season ahead of him. But he’s still taking time out to be the staff leader, and he brought a few of his fellow southpaws to Driveline Baseball this offseason.

Finally we’ll discuss Keith Law’s farm system rankings briefly, and explore how whining about bias has come to substitute for rational thought and inquiry. Good times.

Intro: “If Looks Could Kill” - Camera Obscura