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BYB Podcast 75: Conversation with BYB staff writer Trevor Hooth

The BYB staff talks baseball from a Tigers’ perspective.

MLB Opening Day postponed Due To Coronavirus Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

We’ve been gently easing our way toward draft season in recent podcasts, while trying to bring in a some new guests, and we’ll continue on with the theme here. On this episode, we have a first timer on as we discuss the state of the Detroit Tigers and start sussing out an overview of their draft options. BYB writer Trevor Hooth joins host Brandon Day for a little getting to know you conversation, an assessment of the Tigers current state, and the opportunities and pitfalls available in the 2020 MLB draft.

In the first half, we discuss Trevor’s path into baseball writing and sports journalism at large, and what drew him to the Tigers as a fan. He writes for SB Nation sister site Viva El Birdos as well as Prospects Live, and has also covered the Tigers’ beat for local media in the past. We then get into discussion of the Tigers current assets and the trajectory of the organization as they attempt to transition into a more modern, data driven approach to drafting and player development.

Draft conversation starts right around the (52:00) mark. This is a long one folks, but as this is Trevor’s first appearance, we figured some introduction was in order. We discussed the Tork/Martin decision with the first overall pick, consider the draft class overall, and speculated on other higher round options the Tigers might consider. We also spent a bit of time dreaming on guys we like that the Tigers haven’t really been linked to, or are unlikely to get a crack at based on their likely draft slots.

Intro: “Motor City 2” - J. Dilla