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Friday Open Thread: What jersey do you most regret buying?

Or which is your favorite?

New York Yankees v Detroit Tigers Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The Detroit Tigers have easily one of the most classic home jerseys in all of baseball. The crisp white, the navy, the olde English D (whatever your opinions might be on them switching the D that’s on the jersey). It’s a timeless look that’s hard to get wrong for a fan buying a jersey.

But when you invest in a jersey, the real debate isn’t whether you get home or away, it’s what name you get on the back. Do you pick a flashy newcomer, and exciting prospect, or a player most likely to stick around a few years? (My first jersey was Alex Avila and I have ZERO regrets to this day).

With today’s open thread we want to know about your jersey picks. Who was your first jersey (or even shirsey), which is your favorite, and which do you maybe regret a little? (Personally I slightly regret buying my Max Scherzer jersey right before he left the team, but it’s an All-Star jersey, so it has a bit more flexibility.)

You can write a FanPost if you have a particularly meaningful story, or you can just share your insights below, but we want to know what’s hanging in your closet waiting for gameday to return.