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FanPost Friday: Who is the Face of the Tigers?

Which player would be chosen to represent the team if you could only pick one?

Rocky Colavito and Al Kaline Posing Together

What makes someone the face of a franchise? Do they have to have played for the team for their entire career? Does that career need to have lasted ten to fifteen years? Do they need to be in the Hall of Fame (or likely destined to be in the Hall of Fame someday?)

When it comes to defining the face of a franchise, it’s a lot like defining an “ace.” There isn’t one textbook definition, but you know when someone qualifies just by looking at them.

The Tigers have a long history, having been one of the first teams in the American League, and after 119 years, you can bet they’ve had a lot of different players that could qualify for face of the franchise status.

In today’s FanPost prompt we want to know who you think is the all-time face of the Tigers? If you want to get crazy with it and pick a different person for every era, we won’t stop you, but we want to know what made you pick that player, and why you think they should be the one person to represent the team.

Head over to the FanPost section, select “New FanPost” on the left, and then tell us whose photo should be next to Detroit Tigers in the dictionary.