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Open Thread: MLB The Show simulation with Purple Row

Join us to chat about Tigers-Rockies with our friends at Purple Row!

Were the world not completely upside down right now, we would all be settling in to watch the Detroit Tigers, surely running away with the AL Central at this point, take on the vaunted Colorado Rockies in a preview of the 2020 World Series.

Unfortunately, things are very different on the real May 4, 2020. Our MLB The Show simulation is humming along, and we will have the latest game ready for your viewing pleasure shortly. In the meantime, our friends at Purple Row have been running their own sim. Theirs is a bit different, however. They are letting the CPU gods decide the outcome, but have added in their own twist: commentary from PR writer (and recent Wayne State graduate!) Ben Kouchnerkavich.

The above video is set to premiere at 7:15 p.m., meaning we can all join in and watch and chat about the game at the same time! Feel free to talk about the Tigers, baseball at large (there’s real baseball coming in just a few short hours), and life in general.