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BYB Podcast 78: Draft aftermath with Vinnie Cervino and Brian Sakowski of Perfect Game

That feels like quite a draft for our Detroit Tigers.

2019 Major League Baseball Archive: PDP League Photo by Mike Carlson/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Well, that was something! The Detroit Tigers, the team we know and love so well, had quite a fairly fascinating night for themselves on day two of the draft. Somehow, they took not one pitcher, spent a high pick on a catcher, and still managed to procure a nice array of players without reaching an inch. Instead, Al Avila and company just lay in the cut while interesting players dropped into their laps over and over.

Vinnie Cervino and Brian Sakowski, the top evaluators for Perfect Game USA, were gracious enough to join hosts Brandon Day of the BYB Podcast, and Mark Gorosh of the Don’t Call it a Rebuild, it’s a Team Build Podcast, for another podcast summit, recorded as the fifth and final round wound down.

Together, as our two intrepid guests covered the final picks, (you’re going to hear some rustling and typing in the background, sorry), we reflected on the overall picture from the past two days. In particular, we were broke down a wild day for the Tigers, and our generally positive impressions of the results.

1. IF Spencer Torkelson (Arizona State)

38. C Dillon Dingler (Ohio State)

62. OF Daniel Cabrera (LSU)

73. IF Trei Cruz (Rice)

102. IF Gage Workman (Arizona State)

132. IF Colt Keith (Biloxi HS)

Intro: “Suzie Thundertussy” -Junie Morrison