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BYB Podcast 76 : Primed for the MLB draft with Brian Sakowski of Perfect Game USA

Let’s get deep into some draft and player evaluation discussion.


Hey we’re back with another podcast summit between BYB and the Don’t Call it a Rebuild, it’s a Team Build, podcast. Hosts Brandon Day and Mark Gorosh spoke to Brian Sakowski, National Scouting Supervisor for Perfect Game USA about the Tigers, the draft, and the challenges of evaluation in a fast-changing game. Unfortunately, Cody Stavenhagen of The Athletic Detroit wasn’t able to join us on this one as planned, but we’ll hope to have him back on soon as well.

Open- Introductions and setting the stage with a look at the Tigers rebuilding effort, then we’ll take a look at Spencer Torkelson and the other top guys on the board.

33:00 - A look at Perfect Game’s recent mock draft for the Tigers

52:00 - The undrafted, and how to lure them to sign for a measly $20K

1:10:00 - Dealing with the unmeasurables in player evaluation.

1:32:00 - Quick snapshot of the developing 2021 draft class.

Intro: “Suzie Thundertussy” - Junie Morrison