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BYB Podcast 77: Last word on the draft with Keanan Lamb of Baseball Prospectus

The most important two days of the Tigers’ season are nigh.

Detroit Tigers Workout Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

With the draft under 48 hours away, BYB podcast host Brandon Day spoke to Keanan Lamb, Senior Draft Writer & Amateur Scouting Coordinator for Baseball Prospectus. Schedules are frantic between work and other media engagements, so we kept it to a tight half hour or so. This is the final pre-draft podcast, so we left aside most of the 1-1 talk and went more big picture.

Lamb weighed in on the positive developments in the Tigers’ farm system over the past two years and the new hires last fall. Then it’s into draft talk. We talked Spencer Torkelson, some of the players possibly available to the Tigers in the second round, and how the late rounds and undrafted player signing period might play out.

This is such a peculiar and compelling draft, and we’re so starved for real baseball news, that we can’t help feeling like it’s almost Christmas morning waiting for draft day to arrive. Without amateur baseball to watch for much of this spring, many of the usual cues prospect writers and scouts look for were absent, lending even greater uncertainty to the coverage.

Of course the draft never fails to hold some big surprises. But we’ve rarely heard so many top evaluators give their opinions, then just shrug and say something to the effect of, “or hey maybe this year we don’t know anything at all.”

Intro: “Suzie Thundertussy” - Junie Morrison