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Makeup dates scheduled for postponed Tigers/Cardinals series

The teams will play two doubleheaders to complete the missed games.

Milwaukee Brewers v St. Louis Cardinals Photo by Michael Thomas/Getty Images

The Detroit Tigers were meant to play a four-game series this week against the St. Louis Cardinals, that was postponed as a precaution when several members of the Cardinals players and staff tested positive for COVID-19.

There was some concern over whether or not the four games would be able to be made up in such an abbreviated season, but today MLB announced a new schedule for all the recently-missed games, as several other clubs had their schedules restricted due to the virus.

The Tigers/Cardinals four games will be played as two doubleheaders, the first on Thursday August 13th at Comerica Park, the second on Thursday September 10th at Busch Stadium.

With the rosters recently changing to 28 players, the Tigers and Cardinals will each be allowed to call up a 29th player for their series. In the case of the Tigers, as noted by Jason Beck, the new series next week means the team will play 25 games in 24 days, and will need a sixth starter in the rotation as a result.

The schedule of makeup games between other clubs has resulted in a whopping 14 doubleheaders, all of which will be the shortened seven inning length.