Tiger's Realistic Off Season

I know Al said they are looking to add this off season, but he quickly come out and said they are going to take a "measured" approach. I do not look for them to be in on any of the big SS free agents (Correa, Seager, Story, Baez, Semien). The only guy that they might look at extending a deal to is Chris Taylor, but I think the Dodgers lock him up, especially after that walk off homer in the Wild Card game.

I think you will see moves similar to the ones made recently (Grossman - 2 yr - $10 million, Schoop - 2 yr - $15 million).

With that being said here is my "measured" off season plan:

Sign S Steven Matz - 3 years, $35 million. Consistent #3, or #4 starter, Still relatively young (31 next year). Pitched min of 150 innings 3 of the last 4 years.

Sign C Tucker Barnhart - 1 year, $2.5 million. Left handed hitter, good defensively. This move is necessitated by Jake Rogers injury. Haase wore down over the year and it showed. Barnhart could be a good platoon partner.

Sign SS Freddy Galvis - 1 year, $1.5 million. Stop gap to see if Kreidler is a legitimate starter. Limited offensively and competent defensively. Switch hitter, 32 next year.

Sign RP Ian Kennedy - 2 years, $9 million. Back end bullpen option with closing experience. Good K numbers. Would pair well with Funkhouser, Cisnero, Fulmer, and Soto on the back end.

With some growth from our young starters and the addition Torkelson and Greene at some point next year. We would be ready to add a premium free agent or two the following year (Trea Turner, Joey Gallo, Jose Berrios, Adam Frazier).

An 8 game improvement would put them at 85 wins next year, which would be just outside the current Wild Card teams. If the playoffs expand in the next CBA, we could be vying for a playoff appearance next year. If not, I would look for 2023 playoff run.

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