Unrealistic Offseason

Date: February 14th 2022

Sitting in a restaurant near the beach, long time buddies Clayton Kershaw and Mathew Stafford are celebrating Matt's 42-14 win the previous night over the Buffalo Bills. Matt was recently named MVP and his best friend Clayton is so happy for him.

But this is a baseball post.

After a while Matt asks why the heck Clayton is still a free agent? Clayton is visibly upset, "Man, I don't know what is going on. The Dodgers keep bring up my back issues and talking about depth. Can you believe they offered me a 1 year 10 million and that's it?"

"That really sucks man, after all these years they are just going to low ball you"

At this point Cory Seager walks by and congratulates Matt on the win. Matt tells Cory how happy he is for him to be heading to the Tigers and getting that 10/280 contract even though it was surprising after the signed Marcus Simien for 5/150.

"Well apparently Al (Avila) already had a deal in place with the Yankees for Judge." Cory explains, "he knew he would need a 3rd baseman and with signing Scherzer, Stroman, and bringing Verlander in to be the closer, I was really intrigued by what I was seeing."

"Yeah, that was an odd trade," Matt says, "who would have thought that the Tigers would trade Candelario, Grossman, and Manning to the Yankees for one year of Judge?"

"Hey, I am EXCITED." Cory tells them, "This is a 110 win team and still has so many young players in the minors!"

Clayton was just thinking about that. Word is the Tigers have already locked up Greene and Tork so they will probably be starting 1st and CF. Judge in RF, Rotating the young guys in LF, Schoop at second, and Cory at 3rd. Hell there young Starters and BP guys to go with Scherzer and Stroman. Verlander Says he wants to get 200 saves by the time he retires.....hell if anyone could do it, it would be him.

"HEY CLAYTON" apparently Matt has been trying to get his attention for a bit.

"Sorry, I was just thinking about what Cory said."

"Well you completely missed a call, maybe its someone with a real contract for you."

Clayton picks up his phone, 1 missed call-Al Avila.

"Matt, excuse me for a minute, I need to make a call."

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