Ha-Seong Kim

So, hear me out. I read an article that was talking that they could see the Padres trying to dump salary and mentioned Ha-Seong Kim as one that could be moved. He was never able to get it going in San Diego, but his defense was still amazing. He was worth 2.1 defensive WAR and a whopping 9 DRS in 260 innings at SS, only 73 OPS+. That said he has a track record in the KBO, .921 OPS with 30 HR in 2020. He turns 26 on Oct 17th. He has 3/21 left on his contract.

Padres are said to be looking to dump salary and add power. I would be all for Christin Stewart for Kim. A minor LH leaguer with power and they can dump salary. They have Cronenworth already as their super utility and NOBODY is going to take the Meyers or Hosmer contracts.

Even if Kim never hits, we can try again for the SS next year and we have an expensive slick fielding utility player for 2 more years.

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