Teams in Need of SS and predictions

Ok, so i have been trying to figure out which teams need a SS and actually will be willing to spend on a SS this winter. My list so far is:






White Sox-Maybe

So, maybe on the White Sox because i have heard rumbles about moving Tim Anderson to 2b. I have heard the same about Boston with Bogaerts, but I believe those less. The Mets and Blue Jays could continue with the 2b approach for them, but SS is set. Cardinals have Dejong they may look to upgrade. Phillies I believe will see if Didi bounces back.

These are my top contenders for the free agent SS. I left the Dodgers off because I think they are going to try and look to other roster upgrades and worry about resigning pitchers. My question is have i missed anyone?

My predictions

Correa-Resigns with Houston 8/280

Semien-resigns with Toronto 4/120 I am having a problem valuing Semien

Seager-White Sox 8/290 This one is after Correa and they just want to make it the largest of the offseason

Story- Mets 1/20 prove it deal a little more that qualifying offer with some weird idea to move him to center field

Baez- Angels after being froze out most the offseason gets a 1/15 prove it deal

Yes, I unfortunately see the Tigers being shut out of the big SS market. The reason we don't sign Baez is because after the others are gone he is still looking for big money so the Tigers look elsewhere. He finally has to settle mid spring training. Comes out that the Tigers offered Story 5/125 but he decided to bet on himself.

I believe the Yankees go all in on pitching, Marte for center field, and give Torres one more shot.

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