Tiger Grades, Sent for Press! - Field Position Players

The season's over so it's time to grade the Tigers! YEAH! I couldn't wait. Am I first to the presses, well at least with the field position players.

Let me get right down to it, and run thru the players the Tigers have or had by position:

Catchers -

Wilson Ramos - C+ he had his moments with some terrific home run punch, but his bad back and the emergence of Rogers made him expendable.

Jake Rogers - C+ he proved he was a major leaguer, but unfortunately he was felled by an arm injury that likely will cost him another year.

Grayson Greiner - C- he hasn't been able to stay healthy, but he improved his offense and seems like a dependable backstop when he's in there. Had to mark him down from C simply because he's not a full-time player.

Eric Haase - B- he is a major leaguer and a power hitting one at that. Seems capable at the position as well as in the outfield. Hopefully he can improve his contact rate, but has to be considered a valuable player.

Dustin Garneau - C he hammered the ball better than anyone could have expected, and provided sound defense at the key position. Not a star, but definitely a player that provided his share of highlights.

First Base -

Jonathan Schoop - A- he did more than anyone expected and is a pro's pro. Glad he's resigned.

Miguel Cabrera - B- he had some great moments, but he's definitely not the dangerous hitter he used to be.

Reynaldo Nunez - D he just couldn't put up the numbers or defend the position as well as had been hoped.

Niko Goodrum - D he just couldn't get his offense on track. He's likely gone after this season.

Harold Castro - B- he is Mr. Versatile and reliable as a small ball hitter.

Jeimer Candelario - A- he is the third baseman, but he can move to first base in a pinch. Definitely a keeper.

Other infielders -

Zach Short - D he just doesn't hit or field well enough to be a big contributor.

Isaac Paredes - C- he needs to be so much more, but the promise is there to hope he can deliver soon.

Willi Castro - C- he might rebound big time next year, or become a one-hit wonder that fades into obscurity.

Outfielders -

Robbie Grossman - A he did so much to solidify and really anchor the outfield. Great addition!

Akil Baddo - B+ he looks like the real deal to become a long term contributor.

Victor Reyes - C- he still has the ability to hit and is so likeable.

Derek Hill - C if he could only stay healthy and show how much he has progressed at the plate long term.

Daz Cameron - C- he has shown some abilities that the Tigers must be very happy with, but consistency is the key to long term success.

Jacob Robson - D he just doesn't look like he's a keeper.

Omar Mazara - E he was so disappointing. Need I say more?

Christin Stewart - D he might still have a chance to comeback, but he'll have to star next year at AAA.

JaCoby Jones - E he just doesn't hit enough, stay healthy long enough, or make you want to pay to see him play anymore. I think he has talent, but it just isn't enough to be a Tiger anymore.

Coming Attractions -

C Dillon Dingler - seems like more of a 2023 arrival candidate to me, but definitely well liked by the organization.

1B Spencer Torkelson - 50/50 chance he breaks spring camp with the Tigers in 2022.

2B Kody Clemens - probably takes the place of Goodrum at some point in 2022.

3B Andre Lipcius - seems like he is earning a look see, but he'll have to keep hitting before he gets a promotion in 2022 or 2023.

SS Ryan Kriedler - exciting emergence of a player that seems to remind me of how Tarik Skubal came out of nowhere to earn high regard by the organization. Not thought to be a good hitter, he's proved a lot of scouts wrong. He might be the next starting shortstop for the Tigers, as early as next season!

OF Riley Greene - what? you've never heard of him? lol He's primed to likely be in the opening day roster with Tork in 2022.

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