My Perfect Offseason

So I finally decided to log in after years of just hiding in the shadows and reading. Now I have found I have a lot to say. Lately I have been thinking a lot about how I would like this offseason to go. I would look at the free agent lists and our minors, to identify holes I think we have in my opinion as someone who has never played baseball. Most are obvious, many are just my opinion. After the press conference the other day I figure the Tigers are realistically not going to spend like wild, nor should they. I also cannot see this team trading from their minor league depth yet, if they do, I doubt it will be a major trade. With all of this in mind I truly believe the Tigers will sign at least one person for over 100 million this offseason. So here is my perfect, yet realistic offseason signings.

1. Tigers sign SS Trevor Story to a 5/140 contract. Here it is, Story is my SS crush. I am afraid this will not be enough and the Tigers will have to include an OPT out after 3 years to get him to sign. This is to show him we are committed to winning and will give him some leverage after his age 31 season incase he turns into an MVP. I know everyone will hate that, but I think this will be the price of getting him to come to a team that finished below 500.

2. This is where I had a problem, I am looking for a starting pitcher. My big offseason signing is done. I honestly don't think the Tigers will add more than one large multi-year contract. So I am looking for veteran innings eater or a bounce back candidate. I went with a Veteran-Zack Greinke on a 2/30 with a team option for a 3 year at 15 million 2 million buy-out. His skills have declined, but he still puts out #3 pitcher numbers with plenty of innings. This may be an overpay, but I believe this is the only way he doesn't sign with a contender. Side note-Jon Gray and Eduardo Rodriguez are my top choices, but i don't think we will get a chance at them.

3. P- Zach Davies-1/7 Bounce back that never had the GREAT numbers but was always solid until last season. Doesn't do anything particularly well, but can eat some innings and cheap enough to put in a swing man roll if needed.

4. C- Stephen Vogt. 1/2 million. Offense has cratered as he has gotten older, but everyone raves about his work behind the plate and how he handles pitchers well. Plus he is left handed.

A few items, I fully expect Boyd to be released. I think they have seen enough. Zach Davies could be switched out with a few pitcher. I think the reason he takes that deal is to be a free agent again next year coming off a better year.

This is 52 million. I actually worry that is even that is more than they plan on spending. They had 92 mill base salary last year which puts us at 144 million. There is a lot of salary coming off the books so it might even be lower. I think, adding Greinke and Story are going to be worth about 8 wins. Davies is a wash with other pitchers leaving. Vogt is Greiner with better pitcher handling. That makes us an 85 win team before adding in Tork and Greene.


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