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BYB Podcast 104: Trying to adapt to optimism about the Tigers

The Bless You Boys staff talks baseball from a Tigers’ perspective.

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We’re back with another episode of the Bless You Boys podcast. Assistant editor Ashley MacLennan and I haven’t caught up in a minute, so it was time for a little summit as the hot stove season gets underway. Of course, the looming ice storm of the CBA negotiations and a likely December 1 lockout of players threatens all that, making this is a very complicated time for the Tigers to be trying to ramp up to contendership.

We’ll also talk a bit about the season past, the impact of AJ Hinch, and the major organizational overhaul in both the front office and the player development staff in recent months. We will consider the Tucker Barnhart trade, which has saved us from our yearly series of articles pleading for a veteran catcher with strong defensive skills. Carlos Correa is discussed, as are Justin Verlander, Nick Castellanos, and Max Scherzer, as the virtues and ills, mostly ills, of getting the band back together is a topic the fanbase seems to keep returning to.

Thanks for joining us!

Intro: “400 x 7” - Pia Fraus