Next star shortstop for the Detroit Tigers

I am pulling for Ryan Kreidler to become the next star shortstop for the Tigers. He's risen rapidly in 2021 to be one of our top prospects and deserves attention as a player that has pop in the bat, speed on the bases, and the right ability to defend at the premier position.

If you haven't heard of him here's a stats overview page on him: Overall, he posted a .270 BA between AA and AAA, actually hitting even better at AAA, with a .304 mark. He also hit 22 home runs over 482 at bats. Swiping 15 bases shows he's not a stick in the mud too.

Kreidler just turned 24 a couple of days ago. He's only played two minor league seasons, having missed all of 2020. Prior to that he played for UCLA, and was drafted in the 4th round by the Tigers in 2019.

I don't want to feel cheap, but more, I'm in favor of promoting homegrown talent whenever possible, and I believe Kreidler deserves the opportunity. It may be perhaps a partial year at AAA before earning the promotion, but it also could be that he could break camp with the Tigers out of spring training.

Would a proven veteran free agent be better? Maybe, or just maybe Kreidler can develop into our own star.

The Tigers also still have Willi Castro, Harold Castro, Isaac Paredes, and other young players that will be knocking on the door in maybe just two years from now. Would spending $200 to $300 million dollars really be better than seeing the talent we have develop in the middle of infield and perhaps adding more pitching?

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