Carlos Correa Is NOT The Answer! UNLESS……

I know everyone was giddy when the pictures leaked of AJ Hinch and Carlos Correa but this is probably not going to be a reunion. Lindor received 341 million dollars and does not have any World Series rings to boas so Carlos will try to leverage that for sure.. Carlos is going to get a huge contract that’s 8 to 12 years in length and most definitely over 240 million. The Yankees didn’t learn when they had a chance to get out of the AROID contract but instead, the allowed him to opt out and then signed him to another long dumb ass contract. Then when the team was finally getting back in financial shape, the Yankees traded for Stanton which once again handcuffed the Yankees so they could not spend on pitching and they suffered again. If a team like the Yankees can’t overcome such huge, team crippling contracts, how can the Tigers do it? Let’s be clear why Mr. I wrote the big check. Yes, it was an attempt to win now and all of that but he bought the Tigers a HOF. Had he not signed him to that contract, he goes elsewhere, probably wins a World Series or two and then his HOF cap is not a Tiger’s cap for sure.


Carlos is a wonderfully talented player but the Tigers do not need him to win and if he signed a 10 year deal with the Tigers, there is no guarantee they win a World Series and he is NOT going into the HOF as a Tiger unless he wins multiple World Series.. He is going in as a Houston Astro (if he gets in the HOF). This is clearly not the same situation as Mr. I was facing when he signed Miggy to that long contract. They need to creative and smart with this SS position.

The Tigers clearly need a SS and there’s other options that cost less and still improves the Tiger’s roster. If they can’t land Correa for 6 years and 240 million, then move on. 6 years and 240 million would make him the highest AAV paid SS. They could get creative and give him two team options or mutual options for year 7 and 8 for 30 million each and then he theoretically he can earn his 300 million. Javier Baez is a huge improvement for the Tigers and he can be had for 5 years 100 million. My second option is to trade for Gleyber Torres while the bloom is off the rose. The Yankees moved him to 2b and I think he can still play SS. New York is not a great place for him to play and as a SS with a daily comparison to Jeter, has to be taking it’s toll. I know people think Torres is washed up at SS because the Yankees moved him to 2b but I am not sold that he can’t hack SS with a different team. This would be the Tigers last gasp move anyway. It they can’t land Correa, Baez, Story, then things really going downhill fast.

Al Avila has mentioned many times he is not going to spend like a drunken sailor so don’t expect a Carlos Correa signing but the Tiger’s will get a new SS but It just will not be Carlos Correa unless he decides to come off that 300 million+ number. In my opinion, only the Dodgers who will lose Seager to the Yankees, are in the running to give him that much money. I am all in on Carlos with a high AAV. 6 years and 240 million shows him enormous respect, 8 more million a year than Houston and one additional year. Again, offer him an 8 year 300 million but have the last two years 30 million per year with two team options or mutual options. Just don’t guarantee The entire enchilada!

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