Carols Correa is NOT the answer UNLESS PART DEUX!

It’s quite apparent that everyone WANTS Carlos Correa and I am not opposed to signing him but NOT 10 at years and 300 to 350 million. I am all for signing him at a higher AAV. If the Tigers can get him for 6 years and 240 million (40 million AAV), then I am all in. I am vehemently opposed to anyone getting a 10 year contract UNLESS he is your own guy and you do it before age 24. You look at history of 10 year contracts and they are not good at all. Acuna signed a 10 year 124 million at age 20. This is a team friendly contract and he will be underpaid from year 3 through 10. He will become a free agent at age 30 and probably get a 5 year 200 million from some other team. The Braves were smart and you know what, Acuna was smart. 124 million is life altering money and based on the injury factors in the game, you take the money and worry about future earnings in 10 years. I would never give a pitcher a 10 year contract regardless of his age. Again, I think the owners need to cap years in the next CBA and if it costs them giving up a year of control, do it. The owners can increase the AAV and not kill their teams for 4 or 5 year periods.

Greene and Torkelson should get an Acuna type deal after year one. Yes, these two guys are destined for greatness but it fhe Tigers do not lock them up early, they will cost too much, I would give both of these guys Acuna type deals in 2023 if they prove to worthy. The Rays and now the Braves are doing it the right way by taking chances on guys that have star potential. If you let Greene and Torkelson play 3 years, they will feel more inclined to wait. 100 million is a big number but over 10 years, that’s a huge savings for a team trying to keep costs in line with revenues. You can trade away a 10 to 12 million yearly contract all day long, trying to trade away a 30 to 40 million per year is next to impossible. What if the Tigers signed Miggy to a 10 year 150 million contract after they traded for him from Florida? Miggy was making 7.4 million in 2008 so if they signed him to a 10 year 150 million deal running through 2018, they would have saved over 75 million dollars and would not have resigned him in 2019 at 30 million a year if they resigned him at all. In all probability, Miggy probably gets traded in 2017 at the trade deadline and the Tigers would have got something for him. Hindsight is 20/20 but now that teams are more inclined to extend their own stars before their arbitration years, the Tigers have to do the same.

The Tigers are NOT 1 player away and as much as I appreciate the skills of Carlos Correa, a 10 year contact is not going to help them sustain a team when the SS turns 33 and the team still has him under contract until age 37. Does anyone remember how pathetic Ripken was the last 3 years of his career?

Here’s what is acceptable to me:

1) Carlos Correa-6 years 240 million 2) Javier Baez-5 years 100 million 3) Marcus Siemen- 3 years 60 million 4) Trevor Story-5 years 100 million 5) Trade for Gleyber Torres

A reminder of some of the worst contracts in the Tiger’s history in no particular order:

1) D Willis extension 3 years 29 million 2) B Higginson 4 years 35 million 3) V Martinez 4 years 68 Million 4) M Cabrera 8 years 248 million 4) J Zimmerman 5 years 110 million 5) J Upton 6 years 132 million 6) P Fielder 9 years 214 million

I am sure there are more but really, do the Tigers really have to do it again with Carlos Correa? His comments about Jeter not deserving any of his Gold Gloves (which I agree, he was a great SS for his bat but never a Gold Glover), takes him out of the running in NY. Who is really bidding for him? Houston actually made a good offer but one that was only for show and they knew he would never accept it. Tigers can’t bid against themselves so just come out with a 6 year contract starting at 200 million which is 40 million more than Houston and let see where it goes. The Tigers have to cap it at 6 years 240 million. Make him the highest paid AAV for respect but keep those years under 6.

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