And the new Tigers' shortstop is

Carlos Correa would be a wonderful addition to the Tigers, but his asking price is just too astronomical to make sense. Only a big market team could possibly swallow that payday and hope to survive if things went bad. I suppose something could happen to make the parties come together. Incentives could be used to justify the economics, but that would mean the Yankees, Dodgers, Angels, or other big spending team just didn't want Correa that much.

There is a rumor circulating that Marcus Semien is the guy the Tigers will land. I've speculated on this fit myself for quite some time. Although Semien played mainly second base last year, a S&S (Semien and Schoop) Combination up the middle would still be awfully good, and offer considerable offense. Plus, the door could be open for Ryan Kreidler to be the future shortstop or second baseman in a year or two, given that Schoop's contract isn't beyond 2023.

The competition for the Tigers utility roles will still prove to be big - H Castro, W Castro, Paredes, Short, Kreidler, and possibly Lipcius will be in the fray in 2022. The outfield looks pretty well stocked as well with Greene, Baddoo, Hill, Cameron, Reyes, and Grossman. Barnhardt, Haase, Greiner, and Garneau provide sufficient depth at catcher not to mention that hope still exists for a faster rise up the ladder might still happen for Dingler. Cabrera and Candelario seem set at the infield corners, and of course Torkelson is likely to enter the fray sometime during the season as well.

Alas without over-spending on Correa dollars will be available to get a reliable, if not very good, fifth starting pitcher. I hope that Al Avila won't be cheap like Dave Dembrowski. Too often he'd have stud 1 thru 4 starters but limped along on the fifth day. Even if the top 5 accounted for 80 wins, the fifth needs to keep the team in the hunt for at least another 15 my opinion, even if the win total only adds up to 5 to 10.

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