Need help choosing a SS? Here's a handy flow chart!

1. Are you serious about building a contender?
> Yes, we need to build on the opportunity that our young prospects offer - Go to 2.
> No, I just want to keep things interesting enough to draw a decent crowd - Go to 7.

2. Do you agree that it's going to take a significant investment on top of our prospects to contend?
> Yes, the prospects are a great foundation but we need more talent to hang with the big boys - Go to 3.
> No, I totally think we can contend if we just keep plugging holes with middling regulars - Go to 7.

3. Are you open to offering a long-term mega-contract under the right circumstances?
> Yes, as long as the projected value for the team is good - Go to 4.
> No, my former partners can tell you all about my feelings regarding commitment - Go to 5.

4. Do you place a high value on defense?
> Yes, "it's our time" to sign a star two-way player - YOUR SS IS CARLOS CORREA
> Nothing against defense, but... I like big bats and I can not lie - YOUR SS IS COREY SEAGER.

5. Do you think about things like aging curves?
> Yes, I want a player who will still be near their peak in a few years - YOUR SS IS TREVOR STORY.
> No, why would I think about how curves age? - Go to 6.

6. Alright, but do you at least want a declining player with good SS defense for now?
> Yeah OK, but it's fine if they played 2B for most of 2021 - YOUR SS IS MARCUS SEMIEN.
> Actually, I'm more interested in hoarding utility players - YOUR SS IS CHRIS TAYLOR.

7. Are we talking about Kody Clemens' future double play partner here?
> Totally, I'm a believer! - YOUR SS IS RYAN KREIDLER.
> Probably not, let's be realistic about our prospects - Go to 8.

8. Are you OK with giving a moderately large contract to a player who strikes out 6.5 times for every walk?
> As long as we get some dingers, no problem! - YOUR SS IS JAVIER BAEZ.
> No, I really just want to save the Illitch family some money - Good news, you can wait out the market for a bargain-basement, light-hitting, formerly-elite-defensive SS (interchangeably Freddy Galvis, Jose Iglesias, or Andrelton Simmons).

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