Got my fingers crossed Stephen Matz is signed by the Tigers

At first glance you might think the Tigers have plenty of starting pitching, but as you know you can never have enough pitching and injuries just seem to pop up unexpectedly as frequently as a nun says amen. I'm hoping that the Tigers add Matz who seems like an up-and-coming pitcher that could give the team five or six good quality options out of spring training, with some youngsters able to develop at Toledo without being rushed.

In many ways pitching is much more important that signing a shortstop. I'm of the opinion that Ryan Kreidler has the potential to be the everyday answer by mid-season, and there's also other lower priced free agents that could suit the team well for the next year or two as excellent place-holders while our youngsters develop. Pitching is always the name of the game. Of course, relief pitching is also just as important.

Tyler Alexander should vie for a starting role, but what a great relief pitcher he also makes. Kyle Funkhouser and Tyler Alexander would serve as a great right and left tandem for long and middle relief, unless one or the other was called upon to do a spot start.

A rotation of Mize, Manning, Skubal, Rodriguez, and Matz, with Alexander and Funkhouser in the wings would really make me happy. Joey Wentz, Alex Faedo, Elvin Rodriguez, Beau Brieske, and others would be great to have toiling at AAA to be emergency call-ups too. The real strength of team needs to be its pitching, and Matz could be that piece of the puzzle that really cements the unit in 2022.

Barnhardt was a great add at catcher. Cabrera and sooner or later Torkelson have first nailed down. Schoop, Clemens, and perhaps Paredes as well as Hal Castro and Willi Castro give the team lots of up the middle players. Candelario is the man at third. The outfield is sufficiently, if not excellently manned, by Grossman, Hill, Baddoo, Cameron, Reyes, and Greene. If the need to sign a shortstop is still called for Marcus Semien is probably my top choice, but I'm hopeful that Ryan Kreidler will ultimately emerge as a possible everyday player, and there are others down in the system that could emerge as well within a few years.

My 26 man roster:

C Barnhardt, Haase, Greiner

1B Cabrera

2B Schoop, H Castro

3B Canderlario

SS Semien, W Castro

LF Grossman

CF Hill, Cameron

RF Baddoo, Reyes

SP Mize, Skubal, Manning, Rodriguez, Matz

RP Alexander, Funkhouser, B Garcia, Cisnero, Jimenez, R Garcia, Soto

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