How can Tigers fans not be excited?

They just made two upgrades that are going to help them win. Baez has obvious swing and miss flaws. He is extremely talented and exciting player on the diamond. He is a MASSIVE upgrade from what we had at SS. People are so hell bent on Correa and I get it he is a great player, but I look at it a different way. With Seager signing at 10 year $325 million contract, Correa was going to be more. Most likely 10 years $350 million range. You just signed Baez to a 6 year $140 million deal. That is $210 million you can spend on more pieces. Don't be surprised if they still go after Trevor Story or Chris Taylor. They can use some money on Bullpen help and more Starting Pitching. Hell, put Kris Bryant in Left Field.

The Tigers aren't 1 player away from being a contender. This opens up so many doors for them. Illitch is spending money like he said he was and and Al Avila is making some good decisions. I fricikin love it. Not to mention we don't lose a draft pick by signing Baez which is a nice little bonus since he isn't tied to QO. Enjoy this Tigers fans, we are heading in a great direction.

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