Baez in tow, now time to sign Ray

I posted a comment yesterday saying I hoped the Tigers signed Baez and Ray. I'm still standing by that. Baez solves a problem at short and perhaps in the future at second or third. Ray is the final prize that really should take the team over the top.

Can they sign him to a reasonable contract? Is a 4 or 5 year deal for $100 to $140M in the cards? It would be a huge financial commitment, but a lot better than adding just one player for the total of the contracts of Baez and Ray.

Getting Robbie Ray to lead the pitching rotation immediately would thrust the Tigers into any and all AL Championship conversations. The White Sox, Yankees, Astros, Rays, Red Sox, Mariners, and Tigers would have to be considered as having the "it" factor. There is a lot of depth in baseball. It's hard to overlook really any team in the league as having some potential to win. However, the Tigers with the pitching staff developing as projected, really would look pretty special.

So, what would be the line-up? We'll have options, and of course, a lot depends on just when their top prospects are ready to emerge on the scene. The team seems ready to set the stage though, and it's going to be exciting!

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