Al Avila Just Had His Best Off-season As GM-What’s Next?

Al Avila in his first off-season with money to spend, had himself a check off list and systematically got everything he needed & now anything he adds is just icing on the cake. As I blogged here before, I didn’t think Carlos Correa was going to be their guy unless he came off of a 10 year contract & 300 million. I had listed my preferences as Carlos Correa or Javier Baez. I know everyone is looking at Javier Baez strikeouts but I think a lot of that was immaturity & him wanting to put up big numbers to get the big contract. He now has the big contract so maybe, just maybe, he can be more selective and by hitting down in the order, he will provide some thump hitting with Greene and Torkelson. Al Avila upgraded the catcher position by a big margin, the signing of a LH starting pitcher for less than what the other top pitchers received and finally the SS Baez that instantly increased the WAR of that position by 10! Yes, they were negative 7 and now is plus 3 or 4 so they just crushed it by signing Baez.

Potential Starting Lineup:

1) Baddoo (LF) 2) Grossman (RF), 3) Scoop (2b) 4) Miggy (DH), 5) Candalario (3b) 6) Greene (CF), 7) Baez (SS), 8) Torkelson (1b), 9) Barnhart (C)

Haas will rotate will Baddoo in LF and play C situationally

What’s next?

Tigers could add a LH power hitting OF, a bullpen arm or two never hurts but Wentz and Faedo could be ready to make the team. I expect the Tigers to sign a few more guys but the targeted needed signings are done!

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