Rule 5

Rule 5 is right around the corner. A team that should be worried is the Tampa Rays. Their current roster is set at 39 players and Zunino is waiting on his option. $7 mil is quite a bit for the Rays to dish out but the guy was one of the top catchers last year. I expect them to sign him. That caps their roster and they have 65 players available for rule 5 draft. They have some interesting names available to be drafted. One player who will definitely need to be protected is Tommy Romero.
Tommy Romero is a 24 year old right handed starter that has dominated all levels of the minors. In 4 years he has a 37 and 11 record with an era of 2.52 and a k per 9 rate of 9.5 (14 last year). He pitched at AAA last year, so he’s ready and someone is taking him. He is ranked 18th best prospect in a deep Rays system.

That’s by far the best pitcher available from the Rays… they have a few position players that might get snatched… OF Cal Stevenson OF Ryan Boldt SS Tristan Gray Catchers Blake Hunt (15th on their prospect list), Ford Proctor (30th) and Brett Sullivan.

Other top prospects that they could possibly lose... LHP Jacob Lopez (23), OF Reuben Cardenas (28), and Tobias Myers (29)

If the Tigers were risking losing a top 30 prospect to the rule 5 draft, people would be screaming. The Rays could lose 6!

The Rays need to make room, there is no way they let any of them walk. The Rays might be pressured into dealing Glasnow who is out for all of 2022. They might as well get what they can for him. They also want to dump Kiermaier. He is their highest paid player and he’s over 30 years old. The Rays have an in house replacement ready in Lowe.

Avila needs to come to the rescue. Offer them a few young prospects that don’t need rule 5 protection yet for KK and Glasnow. Glasnow will be out all of 2022, but he should be ready for 2023. The Tigers have the roster space to hold him for a year. KK could patrol CF for 2022 with Hill as a righty platoon. Avila should get a decent prospect thrown in to make this deal happen. Maybe Greg Jones? A switch hitting SS prospect with power and speed? The guy would step right into top 5 on the Tiger prospect listing… probably right behind Greene at 3rd on the list. The Rays have short covered for a long time and they have Edwards who is rated higher than Jones. This saves the Rays money this year… opens up 3 roster spots to protect rule 5 possible losses and these are players who wouldn’t be missed in 2022. The Tigers fill a CF spot, get a potential shortstop of the future and get Glasnow for 2023.

Al, get to work!! Time is running out!

Then turn around and select Lopez in the rule 5 draft... he he he... ;)

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