Would you add to your starting rotation?

Maybe the question should be how much of an addition do you think might still be needed? I was really excited to think and imagine the addition of Robbie Ray to the staff. He'd be the veteran leader to show the young staff the rest of the ropes. I think the Tigers have four and perhaps even five very good young starting pitchers under contract already, but they lack the dominant veteran ace who's been there and done that.

I liked the idea of Robbie Ray in that veteran role so much. There are other pitchers still on the market that could be that guy. Is there that much need though? Is it over-kill to want that kind of pitcher?

All I can do is wait and see, but Marcus Stroman might be the guy I like best of the guys still out there. Clayton Kershaw would have been another option, but his health is still in question, and his price tag is likely going to be too much. (Heck he's good friend of Matt Stafford too, so would he move from LA?)

There are other options, but the list thins down pretty quickly after those two big names. What do you think? Should the Tigers pursue a top of the rotation starter to lead and show the way, or do they already have their top line talent for the push to the playoffs and beyond?

I'm going to keep my fingers crossed Stroman is pursued and hopefully ultimately added, but I won't be holding my breath in anticipation of an announcement soon, if it even is forthcoming.

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