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Tigers offered Correa a 10 year contract, per report

According to ESPN, the offer was worth $275 million for ten years

Detroit Tigers v Houston Astros Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

The Detroit Tigers offered shortstop Carlos Correa a 10 year contract valued at $275 million, according to Buster Olney of ESPN. While Correa remains unsigned during the owners’ lockout of the players, the Tigers moved on by signing Javier Báez to a six year, $140 million contract.

Correa was the clear favorite of Tigers’ fans and free agent pundits alike entering the off season, and the club had some interest in the 27-year-old shortstop. Meanwhile, Corey Seager, the former Los Angeles Dodgers’ shortstop signed with the Texas Rangers for $325 million over 10 years and the Rangers didn’t stop here, adding second baseman/shortstop Marcus Semien for $175 million over seven years as well.

ESPN reported

According to one source, Correa was offered a $275 million deal by the Tigers, spread out over 10 years.

Based on Olney’s report, the Tigers offer doesn’t seem terribly convincing when you consider Seager’s number. It’s not an unfair offer, but unless Correa was particularly keen to reunite with A.J. Hinch, it seems unlikely to be competitive. Reports have indicated that the Tigers talked to each of the premium shortstops available, as well as a number of the free agent starting pitchers, while signing left-hander Eduardo Rodriguez and Báez for a total of $217 million.

Detroit broke a three-year drought of not signing any free agent players to multi-year contracts when they acquired two seasons of outfielder Robbie Grossman for a modest $10 million deal a year ago. After improving their record to 77- 85, and going 68- 61 after May 8, 2021, the team has a fair chance to contend in 2022. They seem set to boost the payroll near major league average, and have two of the premiere hitting prospects in the game on the cusk of the major leagues. The team is reported to have items remaining on its offseason shopping list, but it will have to wait until a new collective bargaining agreement is completed.