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Get your Motor City Mago shirt now from BreakingT

Just in time for the holidays!

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Courtesy of BreakingT

The fine folks at BreakingT have done it again, this time celebrating the newest infield phenom for the Detroit Tigers: Javier Báez!

Javy’s most well-known nickname, “El Mago” is one he has certainly earned with his dazzling defensive displays (forgive me, I love alliteration a bit too much sometimes). “El Mago” means “The Magician” in Spanish, and it’s hard to imagine a nickname that suits him more. Between eye-popping catches, joyous onfield celebrations, and one very memorable postseason hug on the basepaths, Báez creates his own kind of magic whenever he takes the field, and his special brand of magic is now going to take center stage at Comerica Park for many years to come.

Playing off that famous nickname, BreakingT has designed this new “Motor City Mago” shirt to celebrate Javy’s signing with Detroit, and since it’s a six-year deal, this tee will last you through a fair number of games.

Courtesy of BreakingT

Click here to get your Motor City Mago shirt!

And if you need a few reasons to get hyped for the signing, enjoy this supercut of incredible Báez defensive moments!

Just a quick additional note: BreakingT has its own private agreement with MLBPA that allows them to use player likenesses. So if you’re concerned that buying one of these tees is going to secretly support the owners during a lockout, fear not.