After Consulting the Crystal Ball, Time to Now Ask the 8 Ball for Clarity

The crystal ball provided some answers about the Tigers in 2022. We now know that Eduardo Rodriguez will win the AL Cy Young Award! We also learned that Victor Reyes was going to have a break-out 22 campaign and win a Silver Slugger Award as a right fielder! Excuse me for being so curious and anxious, but I really want to know more.

I appreciate all the crystal ball has done, but looking at clouds now seems to be the pattern every time I look for more so it's time to pull out the Big Black 8 Ball for more insight. Even though it doesn't give specifics, it's good for some yes or no answers, it's really up to who asks the questions to get enough information to learn the future.

Let's get started. First question: Will the Tigers make the play-offs in 2022. After shaking and turning over the Big 8 Ball an answer floats to the top. "Check Back Later," is the response. Ok, well I'll try to do that again in a bit.

Next question: Will the Tigers have more than one All-Star in 2022. Shake, roll, and voila: "Maybe". Hmmmm, it's not definite, but at least it didn't say no, right?

Another question: Will the Tigers have better pitching results than last year? Let's see what the 8 Ball says: "It seems likely." There we go, that seems like progress!

How about we ask about our big rookie duo? Will the Tigers have the AL Rookie of the Year in 2022? Shake, roll, and the answer is: "Not at this time." Hmmm, just maybe the duo doesn't make it out of spring training to be clear favorites?

I got to know. 8 Ball is the crystal ball right about Eduardo Rodriguez winning the AL Cy Young Award? Shake, roll, and: "Maybe." There we go! Will Victor Reyes win a Silver Slugger? The answer is: "Indications are good." Now that is a definite, right?

One more question, will the Tigers win the World Series? Shake, roll, "Check back later." Wow, the ball is coy, right?

What questions do you want to know the answer to? What are the biggest issues? Come on let me know, so I can do this right!

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