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Watch Akil Baddoo hit a 450 foot tank

Baddoo fever just needed a few days to avoid over-heating too soon.

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Ok, so we had a bad time in Cleveland. Who doesn’t? What’s important is that your Detroit Tigers have gathered themselves for a much better effort against an even better team in Houston on Monday night. Casey Mize has been brilliant as of this writing in the bottom of the seventh inning, and the back of the Tigers batting order absolutely blew the doors off of that crafty unicorn, Zack Greinke.

For one Akil Baddoo, the breakout party rolls on. Check out this 450 foot missile to centerfield he launched in the third inning. That is big boy territory folks. 109.3 mph exit velocity off the bat. He also has an RBI lineout to right field, and a double off the wall in centerfield on his card tonight. Baddoo fever cannot be contained. Also we have this fine apparel available should you be interested...

Grayson Greiner also homered off of Greinke in this one, and led Mize through a masterful Chris Fetter game plan against a fearsome Astros lineup. Renato Nuñez homered right before Baddoo, pulling one off the foul pole up by the Crawford Boxes. He also showed his range on two plays by going into the shift-vacated hole to his right to snare a pair of grounders. All around fun game, despite some shaky relief work, and another sign that while series like the one against the Cleves will happen, this is still a much more interesting team to watch this season.