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Introducing the new managing editor of Bless You Boys: Brandon Day

The Tigers have a new skipper this year, and so do we.

Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Of the many things I have learned while writing about baseball on the internet, one of the most important (as it pertains to writing, at least) is this: don’t bury the lede. So, here goes. Brandon Day is now the managing editor of Bless You Boys.

For those who have followed the site at any point over the past several years, Brandon needs no introduction. His writing and analysis are top notch, and he has been one of the preeminent voices on the Tigers blog and Twittersphere throughout this far too lengthy rebuild. He has already taken the lead on most things around the site in 2021, and I have no doubt that he, like the Tigers, will make things much more exciting this year and for seasons to come.

He won’t be alone either. Our excellent staff is still here, and while I have fallen more into the background over the past year or so, I will chip in when and where I am able. But while writing at BYB has always been a hobby for me, the day-to-day grind of managing the site takes its toll. I’ve been an editor in some fashion here for a full decade now. It’s time to recharge a little bit.

Ok that was Rob’s say, so as your new managing editor, this is Brandon jumping in here to thank Rob for everything I’ve learned from him over the years, and how thankful I am that he’s sticking around to help me steer the ship into what will hopefully be a much more fruitful era of Tigers baseball that what we’ve seen over the last five or six years. These are big shoes to fill batting after Kurt Mensching and now Rob Rogacki, but with Rob and Ashley MacLennan as my bench coaches, hopefully I will avoid too many rookie mistakes. I cannot promise an Akil Baddoo-like start, but I’ll do my best.

As I get comfortable driving this thing, I’ll ultimately start tinkering a bit, and will be reaching out to you all for ideas and suggestions as to what you’d like to see from us going forward. In the meantime, not much is going to change around here. Our staff is great, and we all do this out of a shared passion for the game, and for our Detroit Tigers. But it’s our readers and commenters who make this site the special place that it is. Thanks as always to you all for helping to make Bless You Boys such a great community of Tigers fans.