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Detroit Tigers Links: Riley Greene and Spencer Torkelson named to the MLB Futures Game

Dillon Dingler was robbed, but whatever...

Detroit Tigers Summer Workouts Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

While we wait to hear who the Detroit Tigers All-Star Game representative, the real action during All-Star weekend is going to be over at the Futures Game. The Tigers top two position prospects, outfielder Riley Greene, and first baseman Spencer Torkelson, will be part of the action on July 11th at Coors Field.

You can check out the complete rosters here.

One might argue that catcher Dillon Dingler, who is off to an even better start offensively than Torkelson at Double-A Erie, should be included as well. Of course, the Futures Game is a bit of a popularity contest. As new rankings come out and Dingler rockets up into the top 50 prospects in the game, perhaps he’ll get a shot at the showcase in 2022.

In the meantime, check out this piece on Torkelson’s dream of becoming a big leaguer, and how Uncle Joe and the VfL Osnabruck soccer club factor in. For further draft coverage, R.J. Anderson of CBS Sports has a quick rundown on the top 50 draft prospects to get you up to speed. Meanwhile, the All-Star Game starters have been decided, and you can view that list here.

Trade rumor season begins with the Yankees

The 2021 New York Yankees are the most pathetic disappointment known to mankind. At least, that’s the impression you get on social media as the most entitled fanbase in the game collectively loses its mind over their lackluster first half. Further research reveals that the Yanks are actually two games over .500 and in no way out of the playoff hunt. Our friends over at Pinstripe Alley have a few ideas about trade partners, and the Tigers, of course, are expected to sell. The problem is that the Yankees farm system doesn’t exactly move the needle these days.

Things are going great in D.C.

So, you really have no one else to play second base? Alex Avila? OUR Alex Avila? Huh, ok then...

The Sho-w rolls on

The season Los Angeles Angels superstar Shohei Ohtani is having is almost beyond belief. He currently holds the American League home run lead with 28 bombs, with a 175 wRC+ to boot. And he also has a 3.60 ERA over 60 innings as a pitcher. Just incredible. Five-Thirty-Eight has an interesting historical perspective on the wildest two-way spectacular since Babe Ruth, if not ever.

Now just look at this nonsense. How the heck did he get the barrel to this pitch, let alone keep it fair? The man is special.

The Pale Hose beef with Josh Donaldson

Long-time star third baseman Josh Donaldson remains an offensive force for the Minnesota Twins. He’s also been one of the most outspoken hitters calling out pitchers for sticky infractions recently, including Chicago White Sox ace Lucas Giolito. The Sox haven’t taken it real well, understandably. Us? We’re just going to get some popcorn and enjoy this nonsensical feud between AL Central rivals for a sec.

Around the horn

The details are pretty horrific, so fair warning, but Dodgers’ pitcher Trevor Bauer is being investigated for assaulting a woman, and has admitted to the victim’s general claims despite arguing the encounters were completely consensual. If the victim’s injuries are as alleged, consent isn’t going to have anything to do with the legal outcome. The league and the Dodgers are busily playing pass the buck on this one as usual, with Bauer still scheduled to start on Sunday as of this writing. Sheryl Ring has some legal analysis of the case for Beyond the Box Score.

The Seattle Mariners are...good? Maybe? Ok we remain suspicious but with Jared Kelenic and Jesus Rodriguez coming soon, perhaps this time it’s for real.

FanGraphs’ Kevin Goldstein takes a look around the American League at the halfway point in the season.

The Wall Street Journal looks at the early impact of the sticky substance crackdown. Meanwhile Codify, Inc. keeps putting out interesting visuals on the subject.

The Tigers have some no-fee, single game tickets starting at $17.76 in honor of July 4th, running through July.

Baseball is awesome