minor league stars may be less meaningful

I have spent quite a bit of time watching the minor league teams and the Tigers this year. Thanks to MLIB and

Being retired helps. Still unable to really travel internationally and living in Japan 6 months of the year. (Spring and summer) has a major impact as well. I am a baseball junkie as a result.

Now to the point.

The convoluted mess of a schedule that is minor league baseball this year is crazy. Teams play 6 games in a row (5 sometimes). This means that teams see the first starter twice in one week. In addition they don't play many games against some teams. They tend to play very limited number of games against some teams and a bunch of games against other teams. For example, St Paul plays 41 games against Omaha almost 1/3 of their games.

I would think that this has a gross distortion on the stats. This makes it extremely difficult to measure what any team really has in it's minor league system.

It would certainly seem to render comparisons between previous years and this year moot.

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