11 of 11, and 16 of 21, not bad

I read that the Tigers signed all 11 of their top draft picks and 5 more of the bottom 10. I'd love to have seen 100% but getting the top picks signed is a very big deal and should bode well for the farm system's continued progress.

Jobe, Madden, and Smith are the top pitching additions and they should be really, really good!

Pacheco gives our infield a stud on the left side for us to dream about. Perhaps paired with Colt Keith we may have a tanden that is all-star worthy in 3 years or less.

Here are the studs in our system:

SP Wentz, Faedo, Jobe, Madden, Smith, Gonzalez, Montero, Bieske, and more!

C Dingler, Alonzo, Johnson

1B Torkelson

2B Clemens, Cruz, Perez, Valente

3B Keith, Lipcius, Lester

SS Workman, Reyes, Pacheco

OF Greene, Cabrera, Packard, de la Cruz, Rosa, Robson

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