Tradeables? Call-ups?

Renato Nunez, Christin Stewart, JaCoby Jones, and perhaps others are making a case to be called back up, or will they prove to be valuable trade chips this off-season?

The Tigers' depth of talent has proven to be one of their core strengths, yet they are accumulating what seems an abundance that might have to be dealt. Still this could prove to be an important part of the rebuilding plan.

Let's review some of the "extra" value the Tigers have at several positions:

Catcher - Grayson Greiner, Sam McMillan

Infield - Renato Nunez, Anderlin Rodriguez, John Valente, Zach Short, Josh Lester, perhaps Niko Goodrum

Outfield - Christin Stewart, JaCoby Jones, Jacob Robson, Eric de la Rosa, Bryant Packard

Maybe I'm too easily swayed or have a home team bias, but I think some of these players have excellent value to other teams, and a "change of scenery," might prove to be just what these players need too, to spark their careers forward.

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